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Problem using the N-Plate model in functions


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The main issue that I’m having is that I use a function to propagate the spacecraft to a specific day. There I have some logic to change the attitude every day or two and do small maneuvers. When I call the function the propagator fails to advance and give an error. If I copy what is in the function in the main script it works perfectly. What is even more astonishing to me is that if I call both function and set of commands in the main scripts it also works. So I do not know what is going on.

I want the code to be as modular as possible and I want to generate different functions that the one mentioned here for a set of analyses. So having functions helps simplify the main script. And this errors appeared to me a couple of months ago.

The folder is self-contained and it should all work. In GMATScripts you will find the main Script. It is currently set to now work. So if you run it you should get the following error

Commenting line 297 and Uncommenting lines 300 to 375 makes the script work. At least this is what happens in my machine.




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