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Yukon Bug Fixes/Cleanup



  • Change name of default output file to be named YukonOutput.data, currently it has VF13ad in the name. I fixed the field spec, which erroneously had the old name for this file (my mistake).

  • "Tolerance" field parses but has no affect, this was the name of a field on VF13ad but is not a field on Yukon. Need to disallow that option, as it can mislead people into thinking they set a tolerance when they didn't.

  • Fix the matrix singularity problem when step size goes to zero. This should result in a return to GMAT with an error code that indicates optimization failed.

  • Lots of code cleanup

  • Constructor has some settings set wrong.. already sent email about that one..

  • Invalid: SPH fixed failed tests. Save and continue appears to be broken. This is an option on the Optimize command that provides controls of the initial guess when optimization is performed multiple times in control flow.

  • Fix issues with identical constraint Jacobian rows, and if time, linearly dependent rows.

  • Replace calls to cout for output with calls to MessageInterface::ShowMessage()

Minor Improvements

  • Add Jacobian (non-dimensional) to report output when in verbose mode. This will help users a lot. I propose we add this high enough up the class heirarchy to make it work for all internal optimizers if possible.

  • Invalid: SPH will test, these are hooked up.Optimizer parameters aren't hooked up. These parameters allow the user to get the exit status in the script.


  • In 19 Jan 2018 build there is a lot of debug output turned on.


  • In the first build after Yukno was merged, the tests below started failing. These tests checked that inversion of a singular matrix is caught. Did we change how that is handled with Yukon changes?
    BatchEstimator_InversionAlgorithm_Internal_Singular [#1 failed]
    BatchEstimator_InversionAlgorithm_Schur_Singular [#1 failed]




Joshua Raymond


Steven Hughes



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